Dorje The brand

Dorje is an artists-led designer apparel brand that makes Hand-drawn art into Phenomenal Psychedelic t-shirts & trippy art collectibles.

We invite you to experience the finesse of the art, the artist & the art apparel.

Dorje the artist

Dorje, The Artist

I am a deaf-mute Buddhist artist, based out of Himachal Pradesh, India.

Untouched by words, Art is my language. I am best known for super detailed Psychedelic art and trippy Tshirt designs. My Art is a cusp of hippie culture and psychedelics fused with my imagination Observation and sacred geometric patterns.

Come visit me at my shop in kasol. On the bridge, right next to the Taxi Union. Stop by to say Hi, to see what I am drawing or Order Custom Bespoke artwork..

Id love to see you

Lama Dorje

Dorje The Story

I started drawing when I was 4, my curious untrained mind, eye for detail, & frees souls visiting the parvati valley introduced me to the vibe. By the time I was 11 I was hand painting Psychedelic t shirts & Trippy art for the hippies, travellers, wanderes and Babas from all around the world.

Out of the many wanderes I chose my Moko, an artist, a Friend & asked Him If he could help me do more. He said, Happily .

the story