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Rolling Pouch, Crushing Bowls , Stash bags, Tobacco Pouch, Weed Pocket, Base Or Whatever You May Call Them, We Just Made Them Tripper.

Hand Crafted Cushing bowl With Premium Italian Suede, Screen Printed With Psychedelic Artwork, Stylish & Worthwhile, It’s A True Delight, To Roll In

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Crushing Bowls, Rolling Trays, Weed Pouch, Nah It’s A Star In Your Hand.

Innovative & Unique Rolling Pockets Made From Premium Italian Suede Invented For The Stylish Stoners On Move. Trippy Creative Craftsmanship

Its A Purse... Its A Tobacco Pouch.... It Is An ORGANIZED Stoners Kit

We Lose Stuff & We Don't Like It. So Here's The Perfect Stoners Kit Designed With Dedicated Organized Sections For All Your Rolling Needs And A Few Hidden Compartments For Your Backup Stash