Dorje Rave Monkey

Peace at Heart, Trip begins as the Music Starts.

Tags: 2020, Rave, Monkey


Thump, Beats & a Happy vibe.


  • Thump, Beats & a Happy vibe.
  • Come rave with the Medieval Tribe
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Peace at Heart, Trip begins as the Music Starts.* Thump, Beats & a Happy vibe.* Come rave with the Medieval Tribe

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Dorje Trippy T-shirts are made from the highest quality 100% Organic, Himalayan Cotton, finely blended with the right yarn to be smooth soft & perfectly breathable T-shirt for summers.

Cotton is categorized by the fine individual strands that make up a raw cotton ball.The little variance makes a big difference & with more than 165 Variteys of commercial cotton grown in India We were simply adamant to make the coziest, softest and most durable Tees, after all it was the canvas to out art. The answer was right at our roots, in the basin of Himalayas.

We found a unique strain of cotton that grew in the wild and needed no cultivation and was extensively used by a colony of indigenous Himalayan nomads for its warm in winters and cool in summers attribute. It had the same appeal, same feel like cotton but greater strength & comfort. It's these people that produce & source us all of our cotton, Locally grown, nurtured and hand spun with love.

Original Hand-drawn Trippy art on these Stylish Psychedelic T-shirts are Unique stories of observed characters, their psy thoughts, and experiences fused with fantasy, Silent Believe & Sacred Geometry. Dorje The artist literally is in state of meditative trance when drawing and the energies just get translated to sheer finesse and the extraordinary artwork.

Each sketch/Design is hand-drawn and can take anywhere from 100-125 hours to complete, every little the detail is taken care of to complete the savory composition. It is much more than what just meets the eye at first glance. Its, Pure art trip.

These trippy graphic Tees are processed & screen printed by hand with a Superior quality fine mesh to preserve the details of the microfine sketches & artwork. The Print is Soft & Doesn't feel like a patch. Absolutely breathable and a delight to wear in those high energy parties, High quality dispersed pigments are used Hence the print does not fade crack or peel and stays vibrant timelessly.